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2011年4月 6日 (水)








 そして今回の山鹿ガールvol.3。月刊mocosにイベントとして紹介していただき、本日のCity FMの「はっぷん校区」にご出演されます。







にほんブログ村 美術ブログへ

I was going to do 3 mat in Shimmachi museum on a round year in March by the early one.

It was one year while it said of [atto] though the commemoration project etc. were not specially done.

It begins to hold the special exhibition, and this izu? from October last year. It becomes the third special exhibition in exhibit about Mr. milk.

Because it began to treat the space of three mats really as a museum, it was thought how it on earth became it. Because it is possible to do, the stance of starting, and the first project is [zento] and [uyau]" ..[youkama] ".. exhibition of the south Aso-son.

Introducing the writer was not accustomed either, and it ran a story to the [inaka] Yomiuri newspaper, and it ..writer.. performed to the glory of the morning of FMK in case of the first time the treatment of the ceramic art.

In the next Ryuji Miyabe "Man" exhibition, it runs a story to Asahi Shimbun, and it performs to the news train of KAB. It participated in the project of the art of the person of the Shimmachi-cho home. It was large flourishing at the opening party with the participant that kmac is near holding simultaneously and three mat space by 30 people.

And, this Yamaga girl vol.3. It introduces to monthly mocos as an event, and we will perform to "[Ppun] school district" of today's City FM.

It is very welcome when thinking going out of will putting out the tradesmen's house's completely bending for old dead space 100 years when not using it for such a wind to various media to the table meaning publicly.

It is thought that can do an interesting project for the future. The project that it is interesting therefore is important. The tie is not planned when there is no interesting project.

I think that you may be in Kumamoto such about one alternative art space in which it specializes obstinately. Though there is an agar-agar rural districts museum in agar-agar. By the way, [matsumotomasahide]'s one-man show is held at the end of this week, and come to agar-agar by all means, please.

The project for next time of 3 mat in Shimmachi museum is an exhibition concerning Eiichi Sakurai.



« City FMにizu♡milkさん出演です!! | トップページ | 新しい見方、それは概ね部外者からもたらされるのではないでしょうか? »






この記事へのトラックバック一覧です: 新町三畳美術館は一周年を迎えました。今後とも宜しくお願い致します。:

« City FMにizu♡milkさん出演です!! | トップページ | 新しい見方、それは概ね部外者からもたらされるのではないでしょうか? »