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2011年11月 4日 (金)
















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Although it was made the schedule which goes to the Kumamoto contemporary art hall to hear a talk, the information on the Mitsui 3 pond coal mine festival of Omuta is got to know immediately before, and three days are a change of schedule hurriedly.
When it arrived at the Miike harbor at the 9:30 times, the sequence that the patrol vessel of Japan Coast Guard could be boarded was already made.
Since it is the order of arrival, it is already out.
Irrespective of 11:00 boarding.
He has a premonition of a hot festival.
The free shuttle bus is revolving four in the remains of a coal mine, and can move to them every 10 minutes.
What, this convenience.
It is a move start in the first shuttle bus to a side glance about the event in the Miike harbor.
the Mitsui harbor club, a coal hall, the remains of the Miyahara coal mine shaft, and 10,000 田坑跡 -- all -- ヤバイ!!
A coal mine site feels actually changing into public art from the moment of becoming a useless thing.
Probably, the moment of becoming the ruins although the spot only and human being whom functional top priority commits became the completed work in which its best was done to the limit at the time of operation.
even if it takes even the brake of the elevator which was raising, taking down and acting as man to the coal mine under 270m -- what -- Colet! 嘘やん! it must have been made to the absolutely simpler form -- it has the form ! -- automatic brake of by10,000 田坑.
The thing of the brake which was actually being used being a hand brake and operating by raising taking down a lever simply.
It is completely the same as the brake system of a bicycle.
スゲー -- it is simple.
The large-scale accident also happened here and 400 or more persons have passed away.
The phenomenon of each stacks and an overlap charms.
A guide is also and it can also hear description in detail on the festival day.
The doubtful talk called having dug the land which Chizuko Mifune chose also jumps out, and he can enjoy himself fairly.
Since it thought that input was insufficient these days, this was able to see the good thing to good timing.
In the direction of un-experiencing, it is still a recommended spot by all means.



« NPO法人アートスイッチで、アートイベントの提案を4本程かかえています。さて、どうしたものか。いつもの思案。 | トップページ | アートイベント事業企画の心構えみたいな事。 »






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« NPO法人アートスイッチで、アートイベントの提案を4本程かかえています。さて、どうしたものか。いつもの思案。 | トップページ | アートイベント事業企画の心構えみたいな事。 »