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2011年12月30日 (金)













 明日はKuMA Collctionの搬入です。レイアウトが分かりませんが、当日分かるのかな?


In spite of an art blog, an artist is seldom introduced, and although I am sorry was thought, since day's trip Ceylon moss Ushibuka tour was ventured today, it introduces.
Mr. Matsumoto マサヒデ is the artist who had the Kawakami 彦斎 which is a play painting on a folding screen, and was supernatural-creature-ized by second Machiya art home in Shinmachi drawn.
A plane work is drawn for a supernatural creature by the motif all the time until now.
I saw the latest work in the Ceylon moss 在郷 art museum this time.
Though presumptuous, I consider [ becoming technical very good and ].
the rest is called announcement -- it is -- it was thought that it was how to connect the consensus of oneself and a visitor powerfully.
I think that all the things that can be more earnestly explained by means of language the now which the work world is beginning to establish, and shortly will become easier in the back if the stance that it can explain simple can be taken.
It could see very pleasantly also to the first person to conclude that the work which language-izes the work world once is done, since it understands or cannot be, if I have you see (how many volume book did Taro Okamoto publish?).
He is an interesting artist simply as a いち art maniac as what happens to a future work.
Kumamoto -- Kon -- there are ten artists who are individually interested -- it buys and twists, is that of kana and is a very interesting existence.
In addition, it was one day which went to the cave bath chosen as the hidden waters in Japan, ate the high boiled rice in tea of the quality, ate sushi, ate the boiled tofu in which there is the taste of a soybean perfectly, some was born to Japanese people, and considered from the field of food by it having been good, and the field of a hot spring.
It is such one day in rare cases.
It will be carrying in of KuMA Collction tomorrow.
Although a layout is not known, does it understand on the day?


« JOU& 松本充明 meet 新町三畳美術館、終了致しました! | トップページ | あけましておめでとうございます。2012年の幕開け。とある解体される学校のお話。 »






この記事へのトラックバック一覧です: 天草在郷美術館開催中の、バケモノ憑市byマツモトマサヒデ氏を見てきました。:

« JOU& 松本充明 meet 新町三畳美術館、終了致しました! | トップページ | あけましておめでとうございます。2012年の幕開け。とある解体される学校のお話。 »